Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost?

The good news first! All sites come with free hosting for the first year, and up to 10 free email addresses as standard.

The total cost of your website will depend on the size, complexity, content and ultimate function - a five page static site will cost considerably less than a fully dynamic, user controlled online auction site for example.

Every project is different - please get in touch for a chat about your requirements.

What do I have to do?

The first steps are to decide on a domain name and how you want your site to look & feel.

The domain name (the web address - ours is should contain your company / organisation / band name and be as easy to remember as possible.
Also, it shouldn't be too much of a mouthful - you will have to say it out loud!

The look & feel of a site is more personal - if you have an existing logo/graphics, we are happy to incorporate them or if you just have a vauge idea of a colour scheme we can build a website that reflects your personality, your style and your ethos- whether you're a classy french restaurant or a grotty punk band!

After we've registered your domain name and got the site looking the way you want it, we will need a list of the pages you want and an idea of the content (pictures, text, music etc).

We then plug the relevant content into the relevant pages, and build the 'back end' - the admin pages that allow you to easily add, edit, modify and delete information as and when you need.

Once this is in place, your site will be up and running!

How long does it take?

From agreeing on a domain name and a basic idea of layout to your website being 100% operational can take anything from two days to two weeks, depending on complexity and revisions.

Is it complicated?

Not for you... For us it is.

Will your sites work on my computer?

Yes. We write good, clean code and test our sites in firefox, google chrome, opera, internet explorer and safari.
We assume you're using the latest version - IE7 is notoriusly unreliable, and IE6 is considered something of a joke, so please ensure you've upgraded your browser.
You're using unknown unknown in case you didn't know.

Why are you called 'frog soup'?

We wanted a name that was easy to remember, impossible to spell wrong, and available as a